BK to Michigan??


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“The fit with him in Louisiana has seemed odd, even bizarre, from the moment he arrived,” Feldman said. “He now has to overhaul his coaching staff. Top recruits still want to come to LSU, but I’ve heard lots of chatter that if he could get in on Michigan, he’d probably go for it. Kelly spent almost two decades in the state of Michigan while coaching at Grand Valley State.”
Super Trace Armstrong Flex.

so this is the M.O. That I had to listen to for years. Every time Kelly didn’t deliver. It was anyone but his fault. Someone got fired. And he wanted a raise or some other kind of kickback to keep him at the school otherwise he wants to leave.

so for those that don’t know. Trace Armstrong is Kelly’s agent. He is also Lincoln Riley’s. And he was Coach O’s. Amazing how when the Coach O spot opened all the biggest candidates had the same agent eh? Kelly when he was at ND. Tried to leave constantly. He never really bought into being the HC at ND. It was always a stepping stone for what was next. It just lasted longer than he wanted because no one offered enough he flirted with multiple NFL teams, USC, etc.

And every time ND came up short he would blame it on the coordinators (that he hired or signed off on being hired) or the facilities that NDhas literally spent over 1 billion dollars updating and developing over the last decade. Players that he recruited that didn’t pan out. The schedule that he had a voice in getting. Just constant excuses. And here we are again. He managed to Forrest Gump his way into a Heisman winning QB. But still can’t get anywhere in the post season because of the DC and staff he hired. So he fired all of them and is having his agent swing the ‘I might leave’ line. Most likely to get a bigger budget to now replace the OC that he just lost that won the Heisman for him (Hahaha about that by the way) and to hire a new DC and staff that he canned to hide his fuckups.
Saban to Michigan?
That would just be awkward.
I did hear that there has been interest behind the scenes from this.

But it all seems to be from the Kelly camp and not from Ann Arbor
Reality is that he retired this year because his wife's health took a bad turn. Motherfuckers using his retirement to up their paycheck is greedy as hell. All y'all bitching about the portal and NIL, but none of y'all bitching about the action of the adults that are supposed be teaching these young men how to be strong grown men.