****College Baseball Thread****

OK, joining the thread, as all other Mountaineer sports are done for the year. Yes, I know we are not a baseball school, but I support where I can. Actually, most on here probably don't know just how BAD we were at baseball before joining the XII. The old stadium did not have locker rooms, and the away teams had to change in their buses. The coach was a complete jackass. Once we joined the conference, invested in our new stadium and hired Mazey, we have been improving drastically. Not expecting them to compete with most of the conference yet, but here I am to root them on...
We made it past Dallas Baptist this time which makes me feel good. Last time we played them & then you, we lost the Big XII lol
wow! what a game so far -
Tech trailed 7-1 in the 5th,
lookin like the game was over...

but got a couple runs,
then 4 more in the 8th,
and we got a 7-7 tie goin in to the 9th -.

guns up!
Ok St brings a 12-game winning streak
and a #12 ranking into Lubbock,
but coach Holiday gambles,
and leaves his pre-season POTY Brown out in the 5th,
who finishes with 100 pitches,
but not before a grand slam
and six more runs in the 5th by our Red Raiders,
as they run-rule the Cowboys
and take the series with a 12-1 finish -

sidenote: coach Holiday cries to the refs,
(after his boys were chirpin all day long)
and gets our pitcher ejected
and likely a 4-game penalty
(our next series is in Austin)
what a bush-league puss!