***College Basketball Thread***

Peter Gozintite

UNLV's premiere and only fan
Not sure if tis allowed, but college hoos is in full swing. Whose youre team?

UNLV and Indiana have always been my teams.

UNLV is 3-0 with Michigan coming to town. Probably getting their dicks kicked in.
I follow both the Huskers and Creighton BlueJays' b-ball programs, better known as a "Jaysker" fan. That designation will get you in a bar fight at some locations in Omaha/Lincoln.

These teams played last night with the Jays beating Nebr. 77-69. Both teams went on amazing runs in the first half. Creighton played a solid 2nd half to hold the lead. Unfortunately, I predict both teams will finish in the bottom half of their respective conferences.
oh hell yeah -
big fan of tech football, basketball and baseball -
tech is unranked at the moment
yet #12 in kenpom rankings -
got a matchup with the top-ranked zags in dec,
so we'll see how we stack up then -

also lookin forward to beating beard and the horns -

wreck em!
interesting b12-sec challenge this year -

Baylor at Alabama
Missouri at Iowa State
Kentucky at Kansas
Kansas State at Ole Miss
Oklahoma at Auburn
Oklahoma State at Florida
Tennessee at Texas
Mississippi State at Texas Tech
West Virginia at Arkansas
This thread makes me sad. When folks start talking about basketball, it means the football season is coming to an end.
Got tickets for T-Moble Friday night.

Arizona vs Wichita

UNLV vs Michigan

I fully expect Michigan to crush UNLV, but if they even keep it close, or bang with them a bit, I will be happy as can be.

If somehow UNLV wins, I'll try to get tickets for Saturday too.