Eli Gold is out at Alabama. They basically fired him. That sucks.


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The school announced Wednesday that Gold, who has called Alabama football games for 36 years, will not return in 2024. The 70-year-old is being replaced by Chris Stewart, who has worked with the Crimson Tide Sports Network since 1998.

Alabama’s official statement was vague regarding whether Gold had chosen to step down or whether he was being forced out.

In an interview with Michael Casagrande of AL.com, Gold made clear that it was the latter.

“Well, the university has chosen not to bring me back,” Gold said. “This is not, with a capital N-O-T, not at all health-related. I am very healthy. Everything is wonderful. I am healthy as a horse.

“I am not retiring. The university has chosen, as they say, to go in a different direction. And that’s certainly their right.”

Larry Munson was the voice of my Dawgs for decades. He lost his job because he died.

For Bama to do this to Gold is just straight up blasphemy. You killing an announcing god. Ya dead ass wrong.