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I do NOT expect any gifts from anyone, but I know there are some blessed individuals around here that have had a ton of success in life. Anyways I am going to put it like this, the message board isn't free and I hate ads as much as everyone else. I am just looking for a few individuals that would like to sign up for our premium membership at $25/year ($2.08/monthly). Just something to help keep the lights on here and keep the site advertisement free for everyone. Obviously they will stay on, but help would be nice :). Like I said, I expect nothing from no one, and no pressure.

Premium Membership Includes
- Your own board
- An advertisement free experience for everyone
- If I ever reel in a big fish for the Ask Me Anything segments your question has priority

Thanks guys, if you are interested in supporting here is the link.
I went over to Rivals before and those guys are some triggered bitches.....

You're gonna fit in here just fine. Most of the folks here are what made that other place a good place. We got expunged in a late night sneak attack because we all actually like each other. Them that's left over there.......not so much.