Today in History - March 23


2021 Co-PotY
March 23

1775 - Patrick Henry famously declared "Give me liberty, or give me death!" to the Virginia Provincial Convention.

1806 - Meriwether Lewis and William Clark began their return journey east after having completed their exploration of the lands acquired in the Louisiana Purchase.

1877 - The first Easter egg roll was held on the White House lawn.

1919 - Benito Mussolini founded his own party in Italy, the Fasci di Combattimento.

1933 - The German Reichstag adopted the Enabling Act, which effectively granted Adolf Hitler dictatorial powers.

1942 - The first Japanese-Americans evacuated by the U.S. Army during World War II arrived at the internment camp in Manzanar, California.

1965 - America’s first two-person space mission took place as Gemini 3 blasted off with astronauts Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom and John W. Young aboard for a nearly 5-hour flight.

1981 - The U.S. Supreme Court, in H.L. v. Matheson, ruled that states could require, with some exceptions, parental notification when teenage girls seek abortions.

1983 - President Ronald Reagan proposed a space-based missile defense system called the Strategic Defense Initiative, or "Star Wars."

1993 - Scientists announced they’d found the renegade gene that causes Huntington’s disease.

1994 - Aeroflot Flight 593, an Airbus A310, crashed in Siberia with the loss of all 75 people on board; it turned out that a pilot’s teenage son who was allowed to sit at the controls had accidentally disengaged the autopilot, causing loss of control.

1998 - The motion picture "Titanic" won 11 Oscars at the 70th Academy Awards, tying it with "Ben-Hur" for the most ever won.

2001 - Russia's Mir space station ended its 15-year orbit of the Earth, splashing down in the South Pacific.

2003 - A U.S. Army convoy was ambushed in Iraq with 11 killed and seven others captured, including Pfc. Jessica Lynch.

2010 - President Barack Obama signed the $938 billion Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law.

2018 - President Donald Trump released an order banning most transgender troops from serving in the military except under “limited circumstances.”

2018 - The online classified ads site Craigslist removed its personals section; the action came after the U.S. Senate passed an anti-sex-trafficking bill that could hold the website and others responsible for illegal activity.

2020 - President Donald Trump said he wanted to reopen the country for business in weeks, not months; he asserted that continued closures could result in more deaths than the coronavirus itself.

28 - Victoria Pedretti (actress)
31 - Kyrie Irving (basketball player)
31 - Vanessa Morgan (actress)
34 - Ayesha Curry (TV host)
36 - Jessica Marie Garcia (actress)
37 - Ben Rappaport (actor)
38 - CJ "Lana" Perry (professional wrestler/model)
40 - Mo Farah (runner)
41 - Nicolas Wright (actor)
42 - Brett Young (singer)
45 - Brandon Dirden (actor)
45 - Nicholle Tom (actress)
45 - Perez Hilton (reality star)
45 - Anastasia Griffith (actress)
47 - Keri Russell (actress)
47 - Michelle Monaghan (actress)
49 - Randall Park (actor)
53 - Melissa Errico (actress/singer)
54 - Kelly Perine (actress)
58 - Richard Grieco (actor)
59 - Hope Davis (actress)
64 - Catherine Keener (actress)
66 - Amanda Plummer (actress)
70 - Chaka Khan (singer)


Today in Sports History - March 23

1946 - Oklahoma State defeats North Carolina 43-40 to win the NCAA Tournament.

1948 - Kentucky defeats Baylor 58-42 to win the NCAA Tournament.

1952 - Bill Mosienko (Chicago Black Hawks) scored the fastest hat trick in NHL history. He scored 3 goals in 21 seconds.

1957 - North Carolina defeats Kansas 54-53 in triple overtime to win the NCAA Tournament.

1963 - Loyola-Chicago defeats Cincinnati 60-58 in overtime to win the NCAA Tournament.

1968 - UCLA defeats North Carolina 78-55 to win the NCAA Tournament.

1971 - The NFL's Boston Patriots announced they were changing their name to the New England Patriots.

1972 - Evil Knievel broke 93 bones after successfully jumping 35 cars.

1991 - In the inaugural game of the World League of American Football, the London Monarchs defeated the Frankfurt Galaxy 24-11.

1994 - Wayne Gretzky (Los Angeles Kings) score his 802nd career goal to pass Gordie Howe as the NHL's all-time leading goal scorer.

1995 - Jaromir Jagr (Pittsburgh Penguins) became the first European player to lead the NHL in scoring.

2002 - Keith Tkachuk (St. Louis Blues) slashed Lyle Odelein (Chicago Blackhawks) during a game. On March 25, 2002, Tkachuk was suspended for one game without pay for the incident.

2022 - After 114 consecutive weeks as world #1 female tennis player, 25 year old Australian Ash Barty makes shock retirement announcement; cites contentment with all she achieved in the sport.