I'm getting tired of the medias love for Deion Sanders

Oregon is gonna win IMHO, but would not touch that spread, gun to the head, Oregon covers:
Spread: Oregon -21.5 (-105) | Colorado +21.5 (-120)

Point total: 70.5 | Over (-111) | Under (-111)

Money Line: Oregon (-1613) | Colorado (+700)
Wait until they get pasted this weekend against Oregon. Then it will be all of CSU fault for injuring Travis Hunter. No mention that he played like 350 snaps in not even 3 full games.

And then it will be how dare a ranked a team beat up on Dion and his injured roster.

'Well they only won 1 game last year and he has already won 3 games including against TCU that played in the championship game last year, this just shows how close we are to the 2nd coming'
Oh Lort who is in heaven.

Let Lanning whip his ass so bad that he refuses to do another press conference for the fucking year.

If Lanning is winning by 100 whisper into his ear "call a 40 yard go route"
He's definitely improved Colorado's recruiting but it's getting overstated by the national media. I doubt they even end up in a bowl game next season.

I'm surprised CU was able to beat TCU but that Oregon game brought Colorado back to reality.