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DJ Fieri

Allegedly Likes baby blue teddy bears.
Started this because about 6 months ago on another website the first one was deleted because it overloaded the server or something. Figured we wouldn't want that to happen here. LOL.
Literally happened to me at Lobster Shack at Two Lights on Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Had just got my fried shrimp and scallops basket with fries, and had sat at one of the outside tables on the rocky shore. I decided I’d like the view from the other side of the table better (looking north toward Portland and Casco Bay). I stood up and within 2 seconds there were 15 seagulls attacking my basket on the table. Within ten seconds max there was absolutely no sign there was ever anything in the basket.

I went back to the window and for some reason they took pity on me and gave me a fresh basket. Awesome place by the way. Been there several times.
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