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I was hoping to at least go the way of bacon..... use the right knife and tension slices right in two... and if you're serious, sorry to hear and I hope it all works out for the best....
Who me?...serious?

Can we discuss other sports here (particularly MLB and college bball when it returns) or is this a strictly football place?

I'm always down to discuss college bball. We can have a thread on it and the 3 of us that follow bball can post in it with I'm sure little objection from others. I mean, it's not like you asked about a soccer thread. That may get you cut.
Hey Fifth Quarter users, and welcome to your forum. This is going to be a unique place for everyone from all teams. If you know of anything that can make this community better, please message me. We only have three rules here:

#1. Do not use derogatory words towards other users.

#2. Keep discussions to the correct rooms.

#3. Moderation decisions will be at the full discretion of the Mod team. Any significant action will be reviewed by a staff member.

If you have any concerns, and questions you can easily direct them to me or anyone on our moderator team. :Temple::Hawaii::Bama::Nebraska::UK::Stanford:
I'm not complaining, but from a quality of life POV, could we move the REPORT link thingy to the right next to LIKE & REPLY? Every thread, I keep thinking "why are people reporting this thread?" Then I'm like .... "oh." Could just be me though...