2023 Coaching Carousel

In my defense, the Syracuse job wasn't open when I posted that. 😁

Congrats to Fran Brown for getting the 'Cuse job. Didn't see that coming. He's done a helluva job with the DBs for the last 2 seasons and is a relentless recruiter. He has bigtime NE ties and should be a really good fit for the Orange. It's an opportunity that he has earned and I hope the best for him.

“Fran was unbelievable. He came here with a purpose. He told every kid he recruited he wanted to be a head coach, said, ‘I want to be at Georgia until I’m a head coach, and I want to be a head coach, and if I get to be a head coach, then I’m leaving Georgia, but I’m going to leave Georgia in a better place than I found it,’” Smart said. “He did everything he said he was going to do, and we did everything we said we were going to do in terms of preparing him for that and giving him the pedigree of a National Championship and the way to run a program.”

^^^This is why, "In Kirby, We Trust". GO DAMN DAWGS!!!