The new and improved Good Morning thread!

Looks like my sister in law, a former hooters girl. I'm going to bed now.
Handle on the dishwasher wont open the front, a 3 minute youtube video and now I'm a dishwasher repairman,, not to order the part off amazon .. Technology isnt so bad..
YouTube is awesome for things like that. Anytime you have an issue with something, odds are someone else has also and posted a video on the repair. Anytime I’m having an issue I haven’t seen before, google and YouTube are the first thing I check.
we started going to work at 7 instead of 6 last week,, so I'm about to get ready to go make some tax dollars.. and a general thought to leave you with today..
What one man gets without paying for, another man pays for but dont gets :(

Unfortunately most of the men who get something for nothing have billions in assets but have "too big to fail" companies.

I hate it