The new and improved Good Morning thread!

Well I am having a great day .... yesterday I went to meet up with a friend to eat and when I got there my damn key would not come out of the cylinder... I noticed that the P on the gear indicator would not light up when I put it in Park ... fiddled with it and eventually just came home. Ended up disconnecting my battery so the solenoid would release the key and I thought No biggee ... and after diagnosing it I figured out there was a problem in my shifter assembly ... the switch in there goes out sometimes so ... pain in the ass but I can fix once I get the new shifter. Well this morning I go out and I figure I can just keep releasing the key by disconnecting the battery until I get the new shifter... sop go out this morning and nothing ... battery dead as a door nail. Dammit, my boss is still cussin me this morning lol..