***College Basketball Thread***

It would be nice if she came back but she has nothing left to prove, supposedly fox and a couple other companies offered her 3 million to come back next year for her covid year but she turned them down. Her dream, since she was a little girl, is to play in the wnba.
Then she's stupid. Take that 5th year, make that NIL money and then grab another $5 mil from the Big 3 league. Let the WNBA go fvck itself.
Because she isn't a woke radical tatted up member of $EC ISIS with a nose ring.
SEC/America are what make us the great country that we are. It is the leftist coast that weakens out country. We both know that.

I like Clark and think she is great, but I don't like the media and their agendas, conrade AG.
Another reason to hate Jones and the Cowboys.
If I recall correctly, @TechRaiderRider knows the gal in the left pic.